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Simpsoft's creative capabilities and innovative excellence combined with cutting edge technology has developed novel ways to tackle complex industry and business challenges. Our simple and affordable solutions help our clients automate their business process by creating a strong foundation to business agility while driving profitability.Backed with robust delivery expertise, skilled and experienced resource capabilities, we translate technology to derive better business outcomes that eventually transform businesses. Our portfolio of software solutions includes:

Sales Commission Tool
Sales Commission Tool

It is a generic business practice to encourage Sales reps through incentive or commission. There are many different practices to calculate the commission, e.g.-

Meet a minimum target and then a percentage of the sales achieved at different slabs

  • To break into a different industry
  • To meet the target for the latest launch
  • To rank amongst top bracket of the sales reps

Our Sales commission Tool is flexible enough for the admin to set plan(s) for sales rep, either individually or for the group as a whole based on their role/designation/org chart. The tool will receive order data through daily/hourly/instant feed or through live integration, and calculate the commissions for sales reps. Its reporting module is useful for the management, as well as individuals, as it clearly explains the Sales rep what to expect in his next pay check and why.

Organizational Data Migration Tool
Organizational Data Migration Tool

This Sandbox preparation is a task which is required for every developer to start work in release development and various POC(s). Although we can do it in our Sandbox environment. But, just to avoid conflict and unwanted residual changes made in these org(s), client maintains SVN deployment in these Sandboxes and assigned each Developer and Support Engineers their specific personal Sandbox.

The difference between the Personal sandbox and Sandbox is that the space provided in personal sandboxes to accommodate data and code is very less around 2 GB-4 GB which is very less compare to Sandbox. So, the requirement which came from client is that we have to prepare each personal sandbox with very specific low volume of data (Data implies object records and attachments, no code) which will help each developer/ support engineer to develop/replicate specific issue or POC separately in their environment. So, this ‘Sandbox Preparation’ project will fulfill this requirement.

File Upload Tool
File Upload Tool

The file manager uploads files less than 1 MB in a single chunk and files greater than 1 MB in multiple chunks. Similar flow is followed for folder upload for each of the files contained in it of various sizes, recursively.

  • Command to upload single and multiple files/folders from local system to any valid destination in customer chamber.
  • Ability to cancel and resume file/folder upload on demand.
  • Display real time upload progress and failures with cause of each file/folder.
  • Automatic retries up to 3 times in case of upload failures due to network/file IO.

Client Comments

Working with Simpsoft Solutions was a great experience. From design to implementation, Simpsoft provides 1st class project management, support and development resources. I will definitely use Simpsoft again for my technology development needs.

Group of energetic and Knowledgeable engineers ready to participate and demonstrate the solutions effectively.

Believes on their ability, build trust among the group and innovate solutions effectively which is appreciated by customer.

Encourage healthy atmosphere, good working environment and opportunity to enhance current technical knowledge.

I started my journey with Simpsoft dates back to the time when the organization was set up. Simpsoft provided me a nice start of my career. I am thankful to my mentor and colleagues for their kind cooperation and giving this healthy environment to work with.

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